using music to alter your mood

using music to alter your mood

Three Elements Of An Authentic And Enjoyable St. Patrick's Day Gathering

by Ava Bailey

You're probably just getting back to your normal pace after all the parties and gatherings of the holiday season. Don't get too relaxed.  There is another festive holiday on its way - St. Patrick's Day. If you're planning a party for this day, it's a good idea to get started early. Here are just some of the elements you don't want to leave out for your special celebration.

Set The Tone With Music

You can really set the mood for your gathering with authentic Irish music. Folk Irish music has long been admired because of its unique blend of Uilean pipes, fiddles, wooden flutes, Irish harps, tin whistles and bodhrans. A good playlist should include a blend of culturally rich folk songs that range from ballads to music for dancing.

Finnegan's Wake, Molly Malone and The Irish Rover are just some of the artist to add to your playlist. Many selections from these artists pay homage to the land and to the people, offering a brief history lesson packaged in the form of enjoyable music.

Choose The Right Food

Save the buffalo wings and dip for another celebration. Use the food selections as an opportunity to highlight the rich Irish culture you are celebrating. Some good selections include Irish stew, soda bread, apple tarts and Guinness pudding. All of these selections are simple to make and can easily be made in larger portions to accommodate all your guests.

In terms of your drink selections, an Irish Red Ale is a great choice or Irish cider for those who prefer non-alcoholic selections. These authentic selections can help set the mood for the party while giving your guests a brief lesson on traditional Irish cuisine.

Get Festive With Games

It's also a good idea to incorporate games into your St. Patrick's Day celebration. This is an especially good idea if you will have a lot of guests attending your party because it will ensure that everyone has something to do to keep them entertained.

An Irish themed word scramble is one great option. With this game, guests can unscramble common Irish words. To add more meaning to the game, you can provide a definition or history of each word used. A trivia based scavenger game with Irish themed questions is another great game option.

From festive games to traditional Irish music, the more attention you pay to these details, the more all your guests will enjoy your gathering and the more memorable.    


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using music to alter your mood

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