using music to alter your mood

using music to alter your mood

5 Benefits Of Music Lessons For Kids

by Ava Bailey

If you want your child to lean to play an instrument or sing well, then it only makes sense that you would sign them up for music lessons. However, music lessons are far more beneficial than you might realize. Your child will not just learn how to play the piano or hit that high note — they will also experience the following benefits.

1. Improved Memory Skills

There's a lot to remember when you learn to read music and play an instrument. From the meanings of different notes to where to place your hands on a certain instrument, these important details help enhance your child's memory. They'll be motivated to use that memory, too, since doing so allows them to create a more beautiful sound.

2. Confidence

Learning a specific skill, such as playing an instrument, will help inspire confidence in your child. Playing an instrument is not something that everyone does, so your child will feel unique and special. Kids can sometimes suffer with confidence, especially during the adolescent years, but music lessons give them something to feel good about.

3. Rhythm

Those who know how to play music tend to have a better sense of rhythm than those who only ever listen to music. Having a good sense of rhythm will come in handy so many times in your child's life. It will help them learn to dance more easily, put film to music, or even march with a band if that's something they want to do one day. It's harder to develop that sense of rhythm when you're older, so taking music lessons now is a smart idea.

4. Fine Motor Skills

Whether your child plays the piano, the guitar, or some other instrument, taking lessons helps fine-tune the fine motor skills. With better control over his or her hands, your child will have an easier time writing, typing, and doing other things that require coordination and dexterity.

5. Social Skills

During music lessons, your child will typically work one-on-one with an instructor. This is a different setup than in school, where a teacher works with a big group of kids all at once. Working individually with an instructor allows your child to build a whole new level of social skills. They'll learn to take feedback, ask questions, and so forth.

Enrolling your child in music lessons is sure to benefit them as they continue to learn and grow. For more information, contact a company like Double Bar Music


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using music to alter your mood

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