using music to alter your mood

using music to alter your mood

The Benefits of Private Music Lessons

by Ava Bailey

As opposed to learning music in classes, private music lessons will give you an unmistakable edge. What if your child gets music lessons as part of their regular curriculum? You may not see any added benefits of enrolling in private music instruction. Although regular music classes positively influence personal development, they cannot beat private lessons' uniqueness and superiority. Take a look at some benefits of private music lessons.

Increased Accountability

You can easily escape accountability by discreetly 'hiding' among the other students in a music class setting. But in private music lessons, there is no chance of escaping the tutor's attention. In one-on-one lessons, the music teacher will quickly know whether you have been practicing or not and whether you are making any progress. Most importantly, these lessons will infuse a robust work ethic and personal discipline.

Not Hindered by Group Ability

Imagine a naturally-gifted student having to wait for others to catch up. Or a struggling student being mocked for not mastering instructions fast enough. Both scenarios can be frustrating and can lead to boredom, lack of motivation, and disillusionment. By embracing private lessons, the tutor can move at the student's pace. Private music lessons provide supplemental lessons and customized support for slow-learning students and skill-matched lessons for more gifted students.

Longer Attention Span

Even if you love the music lessons at school, the distractions can prove too much for you to gain any significant skills. Apart from distraction from the everyday school routine, you have to consider the presence of friends in the class as well. All these factors add up to provide a not-so-conducive learning environment. On the other hand, private music lessons will provide a calm and favorable environment to grasp everything without interruptions.

Get Instant Feedback

In a group setting, particularly classes hosting more than 20 students, it is impossible to monitor every student. Such a challenge also makes it hard to provide immediate feedback by the instructor. But with private lessons, you receive instant feedback, which allows you to remedy any playing mistakes and wrong moves before the brain can rewire them again. Without instant feedback, breaking improper playing habits can be next to impossible.

Irrespective of your reasons for enrolling in private music lessons, getting a suitable music instructor is vital. Some students do better in one-on-one teaching sessions or reduced class sizes, and you can say the same about learning music. After all, has been said and done, private music lessons are the key to being a better musician than the conventional DIY music lessons or classroom.


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using music to alter your mood

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