using music to alter your mood

using music to alter your mood

Three Things You Should Not Ignore When Buying Your First Instrument

by Ava Bailey

Going to a musical instrument store and getting your first brand new instrument is an exhilarating time for anyone. After all, you have probably been saving up for a while, or at least thinking about what you will get for some time. However, in your rush to get your musical instrument, you may accidentally forget to look at all the surrounding accessories and items that could help keep your instrument in better shape for longer. Before you walk out of the musical instrument store, here are a few bits and pieces that you should at least consider buying so your instrument stays in good condition.

A Quality Case

Every musical instrument will come with its own case, but these are not always the best quality. Ask the assistant at the store if they have ever had any problems with returns of this instrument due to damage in transport, and if they say yes, you should probably consider upgrading the case to a better, more durable one. If you are spending a lot of money on an instrument, then spending a couple hundred on a case to make sure it lasts for years to come is a worthy investment.

Valve Oil and Reeds

If you play a brass or woodwind instrument that has valves or requires a reed, then you need to make sure to pick up lots of valve oil or reeds. You will be surprised at just how quickly you use your valve oil to make sure that the delicate metal parts do not scratch up or get too stiff while playing. In the same vein, you will go through reeds like crazy when first starting out on your instrument, and you do not want to force yourself to use an old reed because you forgot to buy enough.


If you are going to be continuously using your instrument, whether it is a saxophone or a guitar, then you might want to get a display stand that allows you to keep it out in the open. This is most common for stringed instruments, as there is little danger of them degrading while being left out in the open, but there are displays for any and all instruments if you know where to look for them. This can be a fun way to add an extra, musical theme to your interior design at home, but also a practical tool for those who cannot be bothered packing and unpacking their instrument all the time. 


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using music to alter your mood

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