using music to alter your mood

using music to alter your mood

Why The Violin Is An Exciting Instrument For Your Child To Learn

by Ava Bailey

While it is true that there are many great instruments out there that catch the attention of a child's eye faster than the violin, none will capture their imagination quite as unique as this beautiful stringed instrument will. Every year many kids start playing the piano, guitar, drums, and the many brass instruments you will find in an orchestra because they may have heard them in famous songs they like. However, if you want your child to have a different and more individual path in their musical journey then here are a few reasons why you should enroll them in violin lessons

The Bigger The Challenge The Better The Reward 

Teachable moments are always an important part of every childhood and as their parents, you should be looking to instill these as often as possible. While the violin might not be as easy to learn as some other instruments, there is nothing quite as satisfying as finally being able to master the combination of your bow and finger movement to achieve musical harmony. Yes, it will take more time to see results and sometimes that can be disheartening for a child, but pushing them to excel with their violin lessons can be a huge boost in their self-confidence and belief.

More Opportunities 

While there are certainly quite highly contested violin positions in established orchestras and famous bands, at an elementary and even high school level violins are not as fiercely fought over. That means that, as long as your child enjoys it and continues with their violin lessons, there will be plenty of opportunities for them to join in school and local bands and perform at many different events. This may not only be great for their socialization and finding a friend group, but it can make them feel more sought after and included.

Not Too Tough On Smaller Bodies

Some instruments are undoubtedly quite difficult for smaller frames to try and play. If your child is on the shorter side of the scale or hasn't quite hit their growth spurt yet, then trying to get them to play larger instruments can be a bit hard for them. Even brass instruments require quite a good lung capacity that can demand too much of smaller kids. Not to worry, as the violin is able to be played by almost anyone of any size, and sometimes having smaller and more dexterous fingers can help! 


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using music to alter your mood

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