using music to alter your mood

using music to alter your mood

  • 5 Ways Piano Lessons Help Your Child's Development

    You're thinking about signing your child up for piano lessons, but aren't entirely sure if you should. Aside from learning how to play an instrument, music lessons offer benefits galore to learners of all ages. What can your child gain from taking a music class, such as piano? Language Skills According to a study of low-income children who were at a high risk for learning difficulties in the Journal of Neuroscience, at least two years of music instruction may provide benefits when it comes to language learning.

  • Become Better At Sight-Reading Piano Music

    If you're a self-taught pianist that's got some basics under your belt, you're probably wondering what you should work on next. While you'll want to continue on with notation and theory, you should also start working on sight-reading. 1. Ignore the Metronome You don't want to use a metronome with sight-reading because then you'll get bogged down by mistakes and become overly concerned with details. Think of sight-reading like language learning.

  • Don't Fret Over Changes: 3 Techniques To Make Smoother Guitar Chord Transitions

    Every guitar student struggles with the art of making smooth chord changes, so don't feel alone if you're having this issue with your playing. No matter how well you've learned how to fret a certain chord, if you can't move easily to the next chord position, your progressions will sound choppy and not in time with the rhythm of the songs you're playing. There are 3 methods you can use to improve your transitions from chord to chord:

  • How To Fix A Sticking Piano Key

    If you play the piano and have noticed that one or two of your keys are "sticky," you'll find that it can be extremely difficult to practice. However, there are a few common common solutions you can try to remedy the problem. Keep in mind that you'll need to know how to remove a piano key already in order for this guide to be effective. The Key Slip is Too Close to the Piano Key

  • Used Harmony | Your Guide To Buying A Good Guitar From A Pawn Shop

    Take a stroll through your pick of pawn shops and it is likely you will see a fine selection of guitars to tickle your string-strumming soul. The fact is, guitars are often carted off to pawn shops when musicians need some extra cash or prospective players decide the art does require some time and training. As a guitar player yourself, this creates a great opportunity for you to get your hands on some pretty nice instruments for much less than what you would pay for a new model.

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    using music to alter your mood

    Some say that music makes the world go 'round and for some people, it really does. The music that you listen to each day can truly set your mood. If you are feeling depressed, playing a little uplifting music can help turn it around. Feeling angry? Try listening to some calming music. But, how do you know what music is good for what mood? What you will learn by visiting my site will help you with that. You will find several examples of songs for every possible mood. Once you have read through those lists, you will have a good idea about how to turn your mood around by simply listening to some music.